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Nelson is an incredible place to live. We have beautiful mountains, beaches and trails, little traffic, low-ish house prices and a warm welcoming community made up of passionate people doing extraordinary things. We are also enjoy a strong economy, giving young people fantastic career opportunities, but with a work-life balance people in larger cities can only dream of.

NYP was established in 2009, to help young professionals make the most of their work-life balance. We’re an incorporated society, run by a dedicated committee of members who volunteer their time to keep wheels of progress greased. We organise events, sports teams and activities – to enable our members to connect with each other and maximise their experience of Nelson-Tasman.

Our membership topped 140 active individuals in the 2018 year with exposure to many more people via our social media channels. On a daily basis we smash the pre-conceived notion that Nelson is a place you come to die – we believe it’s a place people come to finally live. Whether its social sports, dog beach antics, rock wall swims, board game evenings or hurtling down one of the kilometres of mountain bike tracks there is something for everyone in Nelson – NYP provides the platform to connect with those who share your passion.

We’re an incorporated society – you can read up on our rules by clicking here. And in a broad sense, we exist is to:

  • Facilitate members to network and socialise with other people whose careers are based in the Nelson-Tasman region;
  • Provide a platform for connecting various sectors of the community;
  • Provide a sense of community for young people whose careers are based in Nelson; and
  • Promote Nelson-Tasman as a place for young professionals to live, work and play.
Find out more or get involved!

To find out more, contact us or come along to one of our monthly drinks (or any other event). If you want to request a sport, express interest in being part of our committee or would like to drive an activity or group, talk to us, we would love to hear from you!

Who is on the NYP Committee?

NYP is run by some of Nelsons most attractive, intelligent, well-connected, humble, movers and shakers in the region. Yes we write our own press releases – one of the few perks of committee positions.

While the committee works tirelessly to bring you the best of what Nelson has to offer, we also run extremely slick committee meetings and process that are the envy of much bigger organsiations– to put it simply we punch above our weight. So make sure you familiarise yourself with the faces below and be sure to buy them a beer at the next monthly drinks to show your gratitude.

Emma Jefferis


Canterbury born and bred, Emma moved up to sunny Nelson for a job in April 2021, leaving behind family and friends for a bit of an adventure. Keen to meet new people, her flatmates enthusiastically suggested joining NYP. Emma thought she’d give it a shot and hasn’t looked back since, having already made lifelong friends. When the opportunity arose to join the committee, Emma decided to get stuck in and support this awesome group.  

Emma’s favourite event she has attended so far has been the NYP Speed Networking (a fun twist on speed dating!).

Emma is enjoying becoming involved with the community, and exploring all the great outdoors this beautiful region has to offer!

Jozette Welgemoed


Jozette moved to Nelson in 2020 from South Africa just before lockdown.  Uplifting her whole life meant that making friends and connecting with other professionals was high on her priority list. 

Jozette joined NYP as a member and it didn’t take long for her to become a regular to the NYP events, especially the coffee club, and shortly after joining became a committee member.  Her main reason was her drive to help others new to Nelson feel more at home.

Jozette enjoys many of the outdoor activities Nelson has to offer. Her main hobbies include Crossfit and running, as well as spending time with friends and family.

Amanda Burgraff

Event Coordinator / Marketing

Originally from Minnesota, Amanda now lives, works, and plays in Nelson where she is a Sourcing Specialist for Intepeople. Amanda is an adventurous, energetic, and relationship-focused member of the committee who does a little bit of everything! 

Amanda enjoys NYP for building relationships and creating opportunities to connect over coffee, on a hike, or during a professional development series event. She can often be found socialising, doing something adventurous, or enjoying our beautiful backyard!

Samuel Mullins

Event Coordinator / Legal Counsel

Sam moved to Nelson in 2018 to take up a role as a solicitor at MMP Lawyers. He has been on NYP’s committee since 2020 where he has enjoyed assisting in the planning and organisation of events designed to help Nelsonians make friendships and build business networks. 

Sam is also on the Board of Trustees for the Nelson Historic Theatre Trust and practices Karate at the local Seido Dojo.

Crystal Wilson

Event Coordinator 

Crystal moved to Nelson in early 2021, after living and working overseas for several years. She works remotely as a policy analyst, and is part of a growing community of remote workers soaking up the sunshine and lifestyle Nelson offers away from big cities.

Moving to a new town with only a few good friends in the area, she was thrilled when one of those friends introduced her to Nelson Young Professionals and has loved it since. She is excited to help other young people find their place in Nelson, to meet new people and learn new things.

James Sandston

Sport Coordinator

James is a Nelson native working as a property valuer. James co-ordinates the NYP sport teams and encourages anyone who wishes to get involved or start a team to get in touch!

In his spare time James can be found training for his next ironman or using his excellent chat, meeting and networking with other young professionals in Nelson.

Josh Grundy


Josh moved to Nelson in 2018, taking up a job opportunity in Business Advisory.

After being invovled with NYP events, Josh joined the committee in 2020 where he has helped with the finances, and now assists with making sure members are notified of upcoming events. 

He believes NYP is a great way to meet other young people in Nelson, and a good way to get involved.


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