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Nelson is an incredible place to live. We have beautiful mountains, beaches and trails, little traffic, low-ish house prices and a warm welcoming community made up of passionate people doing extraordinary things. We are also enjoy a strong economy, giving young people fantastic career opportunities, but with a work-life balance people in larger cities can only dream of.

NYP was established in 2009, to help young professionals make the most of their work-life balance. We’re an incorporated society, run by a dedicated committee of members who volunteer their time to keep wheels of progress greased. We organise events, sports teams and activities – to enable our members to connect with each other and maximise their experience of Nelson-Tasman.

Our membership topped 140 active individuals in the 2018 year with exposure to many more people via our social media channels. On a daily basis we smash the pre-conceived notion that Nelson is a place you come to die – we believe it’s a place people come to finally live. Whether its social sports, dog beach antics, rock wall swims, board game evenings or hurtling down one of the kilometres of mountain bike tracks there is something for everyone in Nelson – NYP provides the platform to connect with those who share your passion.

We’re an incorporated society – you can read up on our rules by clicking here. And in a broad sense, we exist is to:

  • Facilitate members to network and socialise with other people whose careers are based in the Nelson-Tasman region;
  • Provide a platform for connecting various sectors of the community;
  • Provide a sense of community for young people whose careers are based in Nelson; and
  • Promote Nelson-Tasman as a place for young professionals to live, work and play.
Find out more or get involved!

To find out more, contact us or come along to one of our monthly drinks (or any other event). If you want to request a sport, express interest in being part of our committee or would like to drive an activity or group, talk to us, we would love to hear from you!

Who is on the NYP Committee?

NYP is run by some of Nelsons most attractive, intelligent, well-connected, humble, movers and shakers in the region. Yes we write our own press releases – one of the few perks of committee positions.

While the committee works tirelessly to bring you the best of what Nelson has to offer, we also run extremely slick committee meetings and process that are the envy of much bigger organsiations– to put it simply we punch above our weight. So make sure you familiarise yourself with the faces below and be sure to buy them a beer at the next monthly drinks to show your gratitude.

Renee Wilson


Champions NYP in our community, facilitates the committee meetings and ensures the team are always looking their best for our social media platforms.

Aaron Shields


Ensures that committee meeting banter is accurately recorded, and also graces the Chamber of Commerce Board with his presence on our behalf.

Ana Paterson


Does her best to make sure the EFTPOS card doesn’t decline!

Oh and all that exciting stuff like our annual accounts and budgets.

Bridget McCormick

Our longest serving committee member and one of the masterminds behind our annual Ball – Bridget is our go to girl on all things NYP who is always there with a smile.

Leo Olverson

The Monthly Drinks King using his Nelson hospo connections to make sure we get the best food platters in all of the land.

Caleb Hill

Caleb is a savvy business man with a passion for our community. His quiet intelligence and strategic thinking makes him a true asset to our team!

Courtney Jamieson

Courtney is in her element keeping the members happy and promoting our awesome events. This girl supports the team in getting it done and making it happen.

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