NYP's purpose

As a not-for-profit incorporated society, we have set objectives for our organisation. These are set out in our Rules, available here. In a broad sense, we exist to:
  • Facilitate members to network and socialise with other people whose careers are based in the Nelson-Tasman region;
  • Provide a platform for connecting various sectors of the community;
  • Provide a sense of community for young people whose careers are based in Nelson; and
  • Promote Nelson-Tasman as a place for young professionals to live, work and play.

NYP aims to connect our members and fully integrate them into the Nelson-Tasman lifestyle. We recognise that building a community is vital for our members' professional and personal success in our region. A sustainable work/life balance is hard to achieve without community. NYP provides a community that is easy to break into and will support you in making the most out of your time in Nelson. If we do our job right, our members will never want to leave this incredible region!

Committee members

Passionate about Nelson, our committee members give up hours of their time every week to help our members engage with our local community. We're a friendly bunch, so come introduce yourself to us at one of our many awesome events that we put on. 

Michael Younghusband

Buys snacks for the committee and chairs our meetings

Bridget McCormick

Does everything the committee "bags not"ed out of, with a smile

Sarah Thompson

Streamlining NYP, one project at a times. Attempts to persuade us to have meetings at the pub! 


Anita Jones

Makes our Facebook events and loses sleep over whether she made any typos (she didn't)

Teah Hurrell

Moved to Nelson for the work life balance, she is the first through the door at monthly drinks

Simon Hoey-Burns

Tries to make sure NYP's eftpos card doesn't get declined

Renee Wilson

Renee enjoys the faster pace in life, working in operations management in the fishing industry, NYP antic and painting on the side. Renee recently taken the role of Sponsorship Office using those well practiced networking skills to keep the funding coming in!

Matt Palmer

Matt enjoys tramping, rugby and a bit of social netball. He is the go-to guy for all NYP sports. 

Aaron Shields

Loves nothing more than taking notes and orders at committe meetings and is an active PETS advocate!

We are always looking for more talented hands on deck. If you are interested in joining the committee, or helping out with any specific event we run, let us know.

Nelson Young Professionals Inc, 2017

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